Andrew a Life Long Learner

Andrew’s Certifications & Education


Masters in Engineering Management (MBA for Engineers)


Masterminds for Emerging Technology and Consulting Practices


Numerous Personal Development & Technology Courses


Degrees in Aerospace and Avionics Engineering, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering

R & D

Overseen software, hardware and SaaS/PaaS intellectual property &solution development. Cloud & data science certifications.

Executive Coach

Certified Conversational IQ Advanced Practitioner, developed my own “transformational executive” coaching program.

Machine Learning

10 AI/ML projects completed, along with ML systems design certification.

Process Automation

Lean & Agile program management certifications along with DevOps, containers, continuous integration and delivery courses. Countless automations implemented from robotics to RPA, in numerous functions & industries, on-premise and in the cloud.